Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Spiritual Journey: Of Seeds and Maturity


I like many others have taken the long path to arrive at a life of spirituality. Did I know this would occur? No I am like the man in the Gospel reading of which Jesus says This is how it is with the kingdom of God; it is as if a man were to scatter seed on the land and would sleep and rise night and day and through it all the seed would sprout and grow, he knows not how." (MK 4:26).  I see myself in this as both man and the seed. 


Much of my life had been spent in ignorance of the workings of God or down right rejection of the Church teachings. I was living life much like the parable of sower and the seed falling and being choked by weeds and thorns (MK 4). I cannot count the times where I would hear these parables on Sunday's and then go out and live a life of blasphemy and sin. Seeds were being planted in me but they needed water for I was dry in spirit. These seeds come in the trails and tribulations of life as well as the various relationships and people I have encountered. Some people have made a lasting impact and their seed has permanently planted in the soil of my being. Others seem to be like the seed that is scattered in the wind, blowing away to be never seen again. As I see it I was not ready to follow the Father, Son or Holy Spirt. 


But a seed was planted, a small seed at that, the mustard seed if you will. My soul was stirred as the seed germinated, not yet ready to break through the soil. With some spiritual watering and a spiritual awakening the seed burst through the soil. However, this sprout was in the light was in the need of other seeds to provide some shade so that it would not be burned by the ways of world as well as well as the waters of the Spirit to provide growth. As I continue to grow spiritually I find that I am very green in many matters especially the knowledge of Church teachings. 

As a seed grows it develops a trunk to stabilize itself so it does not fall over. The trunk is nourished by water and fertilizer of which comes with daily readings, meditation, attending Mass, and partaking in the sacrament of reconciliation.  Thus the plant matures as new branches begin to extend out into the light. With these branches come the grain. If well developed head of the grain will have many seeds that can be harvested or in the case of the mustard plant a bright flower burst out which will eventually become the seeds.


It is here that I have realized that I am to spread the seed. As a father this is extremely important to me.  For if I am not able to spread the seed of the Gospel to my own children, I have failed in vital area of my life.  The question of how might one spread the word was posed today in my daily meditation. I think it begins with family and then within our various relationships and communities.  However, none of this can happen if one is still green and not fully mature. I continue to ask God to guide me in this area for even as somewhat green mustard plant I now know that I do have a role in God's kingdom.

A Prayer for Fathers
Lord you have watered me and watched me grow.
Your eyes never leave me and your hands guide me.
Help me in my journey so that I may plant the seed of your love and way
for my own children.
Sprinkle me with the fertilizer of the Spirit so that I may grow strong in you.
Help me mature so that I can spread your seed to my own children.
Strengthen my faith so that I may not waiver and bend to ways of the world.
This I humbly ask of you, Amen.

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