Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Cup of Water

The theme of charity is made quite clear in today's reading both in Kings and in Matthew's Gospel. The childless woman who serves Elisha is promised a baby in the upcoming year and Jesus makes three separate statements about charity in referencing those who receive him, those who receive a prophet and those who receive a righteous man. His final statement is in reference to the little ones and providing a cup of cold water.

True charity comes from a heart infected with the love of God. It cannot come from a cold distant look and avoidance of what is in front of us. Charity is not natural for many. It is easy to click and send giving to a favorite organization with out much thought as it is to field a call from a university which has served one or a family well.

For many years I was a cold hearted individual not realizing my own brokenness nor seeing those on the fringes of society. Through a variety of life changes, God's infinite mercy, and much prayer I came to see that the cup of water offered to the little ones was more than just children, it is meant also for those weak from other afflictions. The significance of cold water is more than a refreshing drink, it can be helping hand or a glance into the eyes of one of those afflicted and on the margins.

A Refreshing Cup

You saw me on the street broken and cold
Your eyes avoided me, torn clothes so old
A retreat from my brokenness did you consider
My cart full of what most would consider litter
A quick glance up from you is all that I want
As day in and day out I receive many a taunt
I am at many a corner with the battered sign
Pleading for money, food, work, anything would be fine
The cars pass by me daily with nary a look
I am broken they see, but this is only the cover of the book
Sometimes a dollar is given, sometimes less
Are you ashamed of what you possess?
Jesus said give to these little ones a cup 
I am one of those just looking to get up
A helping hand extended, a kind look, a blessing if you may
Anyone one of these and you made my day
© 2017 Chris Miraglia

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