Sunday, March 11, 2018

Halftime Report - Lenten Scoreboard


Lenten sports fan's this report if for you. Close in-depth interviews with the players, assessments of the game and maybe for you statistics hounds some numbers. Yes the game is Lent and you are the player. But first let's hear from Chris who is struggling this Lent.

"So I see that you are struggling in this game what seems to be the problem?"

"Well, my game plan was to give up snacking between meals on Fridays, refrain from judging those I dislike and anyone else that I may encounter including drivers on my daily commute, pray the Divine Chaplet every night and just be a better person more dedicated to Christ."

"The first quarter was an immediate struggle I see."

"Yes, it was. I caved the first Friday as I am weak in the secondary. It was just after dinner and I had been doing well all day when an I was looking for a hole and I found it. Wham there it was or I should say there I was reaching for snacks. Yes, I thought about my intentions, but being a sinner it was easy to justify that reach and soom I was eating. But, did I feel guilty about it. "

"Any adjustments then?"

"Well, my coach God has all the strategy. It just seems that I lack the willpower to ask him during these temptations."

What about judging? It seems that you are faced with that opponent all throughout the game.

"Oh yeah. That one I find myself just about ready to give in and there is this little voice that says, "Do you really have to say anything?" Sometimes it works especially at work, but other times I like to get on my high horse and let it fly. You see I  like to make people believe that I am better than others."

"And the commute? We see there were some slips."

"I guess I can make the excuse that I drive on Southern California freeways so I am entitled to an occasional outburst, but this is a real test. The enemy is everywhere."

"We see that you have had some victories in this area as you actually prayed for the drivers who almost hit you or cut you off. That is after you unleashed some words that we cannot repeat here. But here we see that headset was working so there was good communication."

"Lets go to the second quarter. It seems that you started well with the nightly Divine Chaplet, but tapered off. What seemed to be the problem?

" I was tired after a long work week and really did not have it in me to take the shot. But at least I have 70 percent accuracy."

"We see that you did make an adjustment by attending the Stations of the Cross. How did that go?"

"Making adjustments mid-game is not easy. It was a different strategy. You see I had remembered a Catholic talk show host talking about not getting down when things don't seem to work and do something different, so I decided to try the Stations.  I even met and talked to a friend who I had not seen in months."

"So they we have it the Lenten halftime report. Tune in a couple of weeks for the post game show as we break down the strategy, the stats, and interview the key players."

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